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Friday, April 27, 2007

Another Report on that FDA Conference Call

Rick Pearlstein also participated with that FDA conference call and reports:
"I know this has sort of been asked," another reporter pleaded, but why can't the FDA tell people which four companies had taken delivery of poisoned pet food ingredients before Fido finds out the hard way? "Our efforts," came the response, "are limited to...finished products that might reach consumers on the shelves."

And there it was. Conservative "government" at work. When it comes to foreign policy, the Bush Administration has propounded a "one percent doctrine": Even if there's a one percent chance they represent a threat, a country should be invaded anyway. When it comes to pork products people might eat--wouldn't want to put a corporation at risk.

Thom Hartmann frequently says that when we put people who don't believe in government in charge of the government, they do their best to dismantle it. Thom believes that the Bush administration has been effective in their goals.

Remind me -- why are we not impeaching them?

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