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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dog Food, Spinach, Peanut Butter, Pork & Chickens

I'm not a big fan of Free Trade -- I lived for years in Detroit and Free Trade was the final nail in the coffin for Detroit. But we CANNOT treat imported food like we treat food coming from our local farmer. There has to be a fundamental change made in how FDA and USDA inspect food coming in from other countries. They also absolutely need to have the power to issue recalls and be held harmless for publicizing critical information we need for our health. It's dangerous and irresponsible (or at a minimum embarrassing) for the FDA to admit that they know tainted grain went to several companies but can't tell us who or force them to do a recall.

This latest food scandal looks like it was caused by greed and cheating -- getting a better price by pretending the gluten is higher in protein than it really is -- but we just let every terrorist know where we are most vulnerable. I can't get on a plane to go from Seattle to Spokane without taking off my shoes and jacket and be inspected. It doesn't make any sense that strawberries grown in human waste or grain 'juiced' with a plastic comes into this country from wherever and poisons us without inspection or disclosure.

Congress needs to recognize where the risks really are and enhance and empower the FDA and USDA to effectively do their mission of protecting us.

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