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Monday, August 24, 2009

Most Extensive Analysis I've Seen of Carly Fiorina

I'm really nervous about Carly Fiorina being pushed forward as the Republithugs "best candidate" in 2012. The bat-shit crazies will eventually be marginalized. But the more pragmatic of the party, in their search for grabbing the White House back will search for their perfect candidate. I predict that Carly Fiorina will rear her ugly head. She's good looking (the Sara Palin factor), religious (the Huckabee appeal), and talks like she knows what's happening in the business world (the Romney card). She also has never held office so she doesn't have a pesky voting track record to justify or explain. She doesn't talk crazy but comes off as professional. She would be a disaster for this Country but a wet dream for the corporatist wing of the Republithug party.

Media Matters has done the best research I've seen on Carly Fiorina. Thankfully, someone else sees her as a threat. Go see their research and I suggest you save the link as a favorite because I predict you will need it in a couple years.

We must watch this woman and make sure the truth is out there about who she really is.

h/t to San Francisco Chronicle for pix



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