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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Call for Disenfranchisement

Amanda Marcotte has a great post over at Pandagon on these Tea Baggers and the Republithug party. She talks about how these thugs keep expressing that they represent the real people and somehow the Democrats are "shoving something down their throats". I think Amanda has hit the nail on the head: She says:
It's simple, really. They assume, if they don't state it outright, that large numbers of American voters shouldn't have the right to vote. That's the implicit argument when Sarah Palin praises white rural voters as "Real Americans", when birthers obsess over the idea that the first black President simply can't be eligible for office, when tea baggers yell racist and homophobic slurs at politicians, and when they insist that you eliminate black voters from a count if you want to find out how popular a politician "really" is. When Bart Stupak laughed out loud at the very idea that nuns have opinions worth listening to -- and listed a bunch of men whose opinions were the ones that counted-- you had a similar sentiment being expressed. Universal suffrage seems like a fundamental part of democracy to liberals, but it appears that conservatives think it de-legitimizes the results of elections.

See? You let those women, blacks, Hispanics vote and you get things shoved down your throat! It's so simple . . . for a simple mind.

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