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Friday, June 06, 2008

Why did Hillary Lose

I wasn't a Hillary fan butto begin with the reasons I had to oppose her didn't seem to matter to the other voters. So what happened?

From my perspective she had a poor strategic plan. It was a huge mistake to ignore the caucus states. I the days before the WA caucus, I had numerous calls from Obama people but none from Clinton. The caucus site was plastered with Obama posters and there were a number of folks in Obama t-shirts available to answer questions. Nada from Clinton. Maybe it was due to poor advisers. Maybe she just felt she was inevitable and therefore didn't have to try. But it was a HUGE mistake.

The other thing did wrong was poorly manage her money. Other candidates dropped out when the money dried up. I am insulted that she expects us to bail out her poor money management situation but maybe her die hard supporters feel they owe it to her but to me it seemed poor form to still be trying to raise money last Tuesday.

They can blame Bill, blame women supporters, blame misogny -- but she was a poor strategic and financial manager.



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