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Monday, April 12, 2010

Honoring the Confederacy

Full disclosure: My family is from the South. I have a relative who died fighting for the Confederacy and is buried in a Confederate cemetery.

Mississippi Republican Governor Haley Barbour told CNN's Candy Crowley this weekend that it's no big deal that Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonnell is celebrating the confederacy. Of course Crowley pushed back on the slavery omission as the big issue.

Why is it when legally elected Democrats pass legislation and a legally elected President signs it - they want to call it "treason" but when politicians want to have a month designated to celebrate traitors and persons who committed sedition, this is OK? The confederacy was sedition, plain and simple. It should not be celebrated. The flag of traitors should not be honored and protected. It is wrong.

I agree with Haley Barbour and Bob McDonnell that it has little to do with slavery -- but they were traitors. Next thing you know they'll want to host a parade for Timothy McVeigh!


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